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The secrets of the universe.jpg
and then I will become one.jpg

Secrets of the Universe Triptych, 2020. 3 panels,  5"x5" each.  Oil on paper.


The Trouble with Wilderness, 2020. 36"x48". Oil on panel.

A painting inspired by the poem House by Angela Ball

House, 2019. 10"x20" Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas.

New Orleans painting

I'm Gonna Miss You So Much, 2019. 25"x15". Oil and Graphite on paper.

Dusk, Cat, window

Dusk Inside, Dusk Outside, 2019. 25"x18". Oil, Acrylic, and Colored Pencil on Canvas. 

Cityscape eco art

Cityscape I, 2019.  24"x48". Oil on Canvas. 

Cityscape II.jpg

Cityscape II, 2019. 24"x12". Oil on Canvas.

dream house.jpg

Dream House, 2018. 5"x8". Watercolor on cardboard. 


Ariel, 2018. 8"x8". Oil on paper.

heirloom scan.jpg

Heirloom, 2018. 8"x12". Oil on paper.

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