Painting an 8ft "Louisiana For a Green New Deal" banner for Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy, 2021. Designed by myself and Karla D. Rosas. 

To me, being a designer means being thoughtful. It means being a problem-solver. It means reshaping the world around you to be more beautiful, more useful, and more communicative.  

Growing up in the Gulf South and living in New Orleans has made me sharply aware of both the astounding beauty and devastating inequality surrounding us. The proliferation of art, culture, and architecture here stands in contrast with the poorly designed, corrupt systems that let the citizens of the Gulf South down. Similar situations play out across America and across the world every day. 

Whether I am painting, printing, or digitally designing, my work has always been rooted in the idea that good design can make the world a better place. Social justice, environmental justice, and worker's rights are core parts of my identity as a designer. Some of my best and most exciting work has been in creating work for Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy, and Sunrise Movement. I always prefer to do work that lifts up others, encourages visions of a better future, helps organize movements, and makes even a little corner of the world more beautiful. 

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