I am a multimedia artist living and working in the Gulf South after receiving a BA in Studio Art and Environmental Studies from Tulane University. 

I grew up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and now live in New Orleans, Louisiana. These communities are both “frontline communities”, which are among the first in America to directly experience devastating effects of climate change and sea level rise.

I follow the rich tradition of Gulf Coast artists who have allowed the natural world to inform their work, but as the natural world itself disappears around me, I find myself with an increasing sense of fragility and urgency. While some of this urgency finds an outlet in creating visuals for activist groups like the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and Sunrise Movement, in my most current body of conceptual work, I have been exploring a dream of a future in which urban spaces and nature are no longer separate. I do this by layering urban landscapes with natural forms, allowing underpaintings to show through and sketchy pencil lines to remain to indicate the fragile, ethereal nature of the scene. These images pick apart the false dichotomy that humanity is separate from nature and offers a vision of hope for the future. If we can undo the systems that have told us these false narratives, then it is a vision of the future that may well come to pass.

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