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I researched, wrote, and designed the Mosaic Community Campus storymap in 2023 as part of my work with Urban Land Conservancy. After Urban Land Conservancy purchased the historic former Johnson and Wales Campus in East Denver in 2021, Angelle Fouther of Kindred Communications coined the idea of a storymap detailing the rich history of the campus that could be used as an educational resource by the public. With help from Kindred Communications,  History Colorado, and Historic Denver, I researched the history of the campus since its inception in the late 1800's as the Colorado Women's College up to present day, and created a design concept that would highlight each era of the campus and showcase historic primary sources. By including quotes, photos, maps, and videos alongside text, the storymap became an engaging and interactive resource and has been used as a reference in several educational presentations, including one by the University of Denver, a former owner of the campus.  

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