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Charcoal rose logo.png
AR Example (1).png
Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 4.59.40 PM.png
Copy of New drop 3.png
new drop.png

While working with Adele Rose Vintage in 2021, I created 2 symbol logos, a text logo, custom assets like paper textures and Lightroom presets, social media graphics, and more.

I also had the opportunity to dive into fashion photography and photo editing. I shot and edited a collection (the 3 photos in the instagram story designs are part of that collection) and got really familiar with Adobe Lightroom. Adele Rose was also my introduction to social media analytics, which I used to make a posting schedule for Facebook and Instagram so we could show off all of our stunning photos and graphics.

When I started with Adele Rose, it was a one-woman team selling hand-sourced vintage through instagram story sales. The website had yet to be built. I had the opportunity to help create branding from complete scratch, define the story of the Adele Rose woman, and grow the audience of the Adele Rose. Now, due to Audrey, its founder, and all the creative women who contributed, Adele Rose is a fully realized, stunningly designed professional venture, and it's been a privilege to watch it grow. 

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